Biological larvicide for controlling the proliferation of mosquito species

Operating principle

This product combines the advantages of our Bio-Col or Bio-Vase products with the advantages of the larvicidal bacterium BTI (Bacillus Thurigensis Israelensis).

BIO-KA, by
combining an environmental remediation treatment with a larvicidal action, enables to limit the proliferation of several mosquito species while improving hygiene, public health and the environment.

The well-known action of BTI is considerably enhanced by its use in combination with Idrabel products:

1. The granulometry of BIO-KA, like powder, simulates the food particles usually ingested by mosquito larvae. It also has homogeneous and dispersing qualities, allowing it to settle very slowly through the water column, additionally, the protective role of the support increases remanence and extends the product’s activity period against mosquito larvae.

2. By reducing the organic load of water and sludge, BIO-KA reduces the development conditions of larvae by depriving them of their food and the organic elements necessary for their growth.

3. The mineral support, rich in oligo-elements, promotes the multiplication of all natural microorganisms (and in particular the larvicide), and protects them from external inhibiting agents, such as UV rays. This technology increases the persistence of the larvicide from 2 to 17 days.

  • activity of the larvicide contained in BIO-KA (days)
  • Activity of a conventional biological larvicide (days)

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