Special Treatments

After specializing in water treatment, Idrabel wants to expand its field of expertise through new innovative projects.

Heavy metal treatments

METIR is a natural product composed mainly of potassium aluminosilicates which, during the treatment, binds heavy metals present in water, sludge and soil.

Heavy metals in water and soil must be in ionic form and only in this case can the ionic exchange be carried out with the potassium ion.

Heavy metals are fixed in the form of aluminosilicates. In this form, metals are non-lixivable and non-bioavailable.

Soil treatments

Although Idrabel’s speciality is water and sludge treatment, we have carried out a few soil treatment projects involving organic pollution.

The principle of IDRABEL’s in situ treatments is based on infiltration of the products into the soil, in the same way as pollution has entered it.

This infiltration and the effective activation of Idrabel products requires the presence of water or high humidity.

The advantages of IDRABEL’s in situ approach are:

– A significant reduction in the amount of soil to be removed (cheaper and more ecological)
– Can be used in hard-to-reach areas (e. g. underneath a building)
– The possibility of creating a specific product for a specific contamination