Idrabel is starting treatments in Naples and in the Sorrento Peninsula

Oct 7, 2019

Treatment of sewer systems and sewer pumps basins

Christian Gennaux

CEO, Idrabel

The aim of our intervention is to prevent sludge and grease deposits in the lifting pumps, to limit H2S production and reduce odours issues.

After a few weeks of prospecting in the Naples region by our local agent, the first orders arrived. We started the treatment of 5 lifting pumps located in Naples and the Sorrento Peninsula.

Issues tackled: the pumps and the basins that host them have to be frequently cleaned or mechanically purged because they are subject to very high sludge and grease deposits. In addition, H2S is formed and therefore particularly strong odours are present at the site and along the network.

Treatment: Idrabel has proposed, not only a direct treatment of the basins of the lifting pumps, but also and above all, an upstream treatment in the drainage networks concerned.
The biological treatment driven and enhanced by our products transforms the solid COD into liquid COD in the sewers, prevents anaerobic fermentation in the pipes and in the pumps basins and transforms solid fats into liquid fats that can be pumped away.

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